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1. Conditional and Unconditional admission :

We cannot speak of studies without speaking of universities and colleges, just as we cannot speak of universities and colleges without speaking of enrolment. This is a key element not to say a mandatory when applying for a visa to study in Germany. The higher educational system in Germany is classified between private and public universities. But in most universities, for those wishing to continue their studies in German, which is the most common language of instruction at German universities, a minimum level of C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is required. What most Cameroonian students don’t have when they arrive. It is also possible to pre-register at a university, subjected to a language diploma attesting to your level C1 in German. Consequently, you will also have to prove to the German Diplomatic Mission in Cameroon that you intend to finish your language course on arrival in Germany and this is done by registering for a language course in Germany. These courses are usually offered by some universities, but there is also the possibility of taking them in private centres, but in most cases, you must pay for. Be A German Student will take care of the entire procedure for you until you get an enrolment or pre-registration and where applicable, registration at a German Language Centre in the Federal Republic of Germany. We build each applicant’s files to maximize their chances of admission and apply to several universities to maximize opportunities. Nowadays we have a success rate in terms of enrolment and pre-registration of 100%. For more information contact our Office.

2. Opening of a blocked account in Germany :

For foreign students from non-EU or EEA countries, proof of funding is one of the essential documents to be presented when applying for a study visa for Germany. The student must prove that he or she can cover the costs of studying in Germany. However, there are several methods of establishing proof of financing, such as scholarships issued by authorized bodies and recognised by the German government, Commitment (Verpflichtungserklärung) by a permanent resident in Germany, cover guaranteed by a company in Cameroon. . . etc. But in most cases, the most popular medium for Cameroonian students and with the highest success rate remains the blocked account in a German bank. The blocked account allows the holder to withdraw a certain amount of money each month. The German Federal Student Support Programme requires foreign students to have at least €10,332 / year (€861 / month) to cover all living expenses in Germany. Be A German Student will take care of all formalities related to opening a blocked account at a German bank on your behalf. From filling out the forms to acquiring your banking identity (IBAN, BIC/SWIFT. . .).

3. Proof of Accommodation :

When we talk about student travel, whether for a long or short duration, the question of accommodation comes up every time. Some of you have family in Germany that you can count on. Nevertheless, there are more and more Students who would like to experience the wonderful adventure of studying in Germany, but who have no one in Germany for a possible reception and probably do not know how to go about it to guarantee you a roof under which your future student life will be shaped. The good news is that you are not the only ones asking yourselves this question. The German Diplomatic Mission in Cameroon after a probable finding of the increase of students in the same situation has therefore decided since 2018 to add a proof of accommodation to the list of documents required to apply for a German student visa. Proof of accommodation at the embassy can be guaranteed in several ways, including a lease in Germany or if applicable that you will be staying with a family member/friend and many others. Be A German Student will be responsible for obtaining sufficient and acceptable proof of accommodation for the German Embassy in Cameroon.

4. Advice and Assistance :

Be A German Student assist you in filling out all forms related to the Visa application for Germany and ensure that your Visa application is complete and that you are prepared for your interview. The interview at the German Diplomatic Mission in Cameroon is a decisive step for the granting of your German Visa, which requires optimal preparation. For most of you, you are very motivated to pursue this beautiful adventure but just do not know how to show it or you are doing it the wrong way. With the accompaniment of BGS you will be able to get to your interview with less stress.

5. Reservation of a German Insurance :

After you have braved all the steps of applying for a Visa and you have finally received the long-awaited notification from the German diplomatic mission in which you will be informed of the granting of a visa. To receive your Student Visa, you will need to take out a German health insurance and show proof of this to the German diplomatic mission. Be A German Student will take care of getting in touch with these insurers and taking out the best plan for your health insurance once you are in the country and will provide you with all the necessary documents for the withdrawal of your Visa.

6. Orientation on arrival in Germany :

Once you arrive in Germany, many of you ask yourself the questions. . . What’s the next step? Where should i go and what do I do there? How can I optimize my stay in this new Country? What are the different benefits I can enjoy as a foreign student in Germany? What are the different types of risk to avoid? To all these questions and many more, BGS will bring you the answers. The goal of BGS is not just to get you to Germany and let yourself go, but to promote a conscious diaspora.